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Created 21-Jan-19
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Black and White photos of some of the most well known places in Tulsa and surrounding area. A popular option is the Tulsa photo in B&W with a splash of color. These photos are also available in color. The options are endless, please contact me at 918-527-3713 and I will be happy to apply any technique that you are looking for.
View of Downtown Tulsa from OneOk FieldWoody Guthrie CenterAppeal to The Great Spirit at Woodward ParkPlayground at Tulsa's Gathering Place at ChristmasThe Blue Dome Arts DistrictThe historic Mayo HotelGilcrease Museum -Allan Houser -- Sacred Rain Arrow, bronze, 1998.The Historic Mayo HotelThe historic Mayo HotelThe Cain's Ballroom (Impression)Tulsa Golden DrillerThe Blue Dome Arts DistrictThe Blue Whale in Catoosa, OK on Route 66Praying Hands at ORUThe Cain's Ballroom (Slight Buzzsim)Tulsa's Golden Driller (Buzzsim)Circle CinemaThe Boat House at Tulsa's Gathering PlaceCircle CinemaThe Cain's Ballroom

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