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Created 3-Jun-13
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Tulsa is known for its' many iconic landmarks. We Tulsan's are very proud of our heritage and have taken great care to preserve it for future generations to come. Tulsa history is important and we want to share it with future generations.
Here are some of the Landmarks - you may find more in the Tulsa collection. If you are looking for a particular landmark and are not able to find it on the website, please contact me at 918-527-3713 -- I most likely have it and have not uploaded it. I'd be happy to locate the image and upload it for your viewing. Thanks! Bert Peake
Tulsa Golden DrillerBlue Dome District - TulsaWoody Guthrie MuseumCircle Cinema - TulsaMayo Hotel - TulsaCains Ballroom - Tulsa, OKTulsa Oklahoma CollageTulsa Driller, FrontTulsa Driller, BackTulsa Golden DrillerTulsa Golden DrillerTulsa Golden DrillerTulsa Golden DrillerBlue Whale - Catoosa, OKBlue Whale - CatoosaBlue Whale - Catoosa, OKVolkswagen Bugs GraveyardBlue Dome DistrictBlue Dome DistrictBlue Dome District

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