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Created 2-May-21
45 photos

100 OK/Tulsa landmark photos make up this mosaic. Great conversation piece.This is the artwork on canvas at my home. It's a large piece.Oklahoma Montage - Gathers all the B&W landmarks on the walls in color plus several othersAt the drop of a hat - Oklahoma Spanish Mustangs of Blackjack Mountainabstract version of originalcloseup so you can see what it looks like up closewhat abstract version would look like on wallDaylight option.what daylight version would look like on wall1 - Tim's Office - Holy Family - 24x362 - Conference Room - Wall 1 - Old Facility2 - Conference room Wall 2 - 24x36New Facility4 - Brown Couch - Looking for a less grainy aerial view5 - Lobby 35x50 - Bison6 North Wall B&W with Pop of Color - Sample7 - Wall 1 - 35x50 - Tulsa Golden Driller - These are in no special order

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