Peake Photography & Design: Blog en-us (C) Peake Photography & Design (Peake Photography & Design) Mon, 22 May 2023 15:13:00 GMT Mon, 22 May 2023 15:13:00 GMT Peake Photography & Design: Blog 80 120 TULSA LOCAL ART - JENKS LOCAL ART - BROKEN ARROW LOCAL ART - OKLAHOMA LOCAL ART Hey there, fellow nostalgia enthusiasts! Get ready to take a trip down memory lane with Peake Photography & Design. We're about to immerse ourselves in the heartwarming world of Tulsa, Jenks, Broken Arrow, OKC and the beautiful state of Oklahoma. So sit back, relax, and let us transport you back to the good old days through the lens of the talented Bert Peake. Get ready to relive cherished memories and rediscover the magic of local art like we used to!

Unveiling the Timeless Beauty of Tulsa: Remember the days when life was a bit simpler and Tulsa held a special place in our hearts? Well, Bert Peake knows exactly how to capture that timeless beauty. Through her lens, she resurrects the iconic landmarks, communities, and nostalgic scenes that define the essence of Tulsa. Each photograph is like a time capsule, preserving the memories we hold dear. Peake Photography & Design Art & Gifts is your one-stop destination to find local art that will transport you straight back to the cherished moments of yesteryear.

Rediscovering the Charm of Jenks and Broken Arrow: Let's not forget about the hidden gems that hold a special place in your hearts and the hearts of your parents—the wonderful towns of Jenks and Broken Arrow. Bert Peake's talent extends beyond Tulsa, as she uncovers the distinctive charm and timeless spirit of these beloved locales. Prepare to be whisked away to the streets you used to roam, the favorite hangouts that shaped our lives, and the nostalgia-filled corners that remind us of simpler times. Peake Photography & Design is where the nostalgia flows, capturing the essence of Jenks and Broken Arrow in stunning local art.

Embracing the Memories of Oklahoma: Oh, Oklahoma, how we miss your breathtaking landscapes, your vast skies, and your endless adventures! Peake Photography & Design celebrates our beloved state with a touch of nostalgia. Bert Peake's lens captures the scenic wonders, awe-inspiring natural beauty, and iconic landmarks that hold a special place in our hearts. Each photograph tells a story—a story of memories made and memories waiting to be cherished. Prepare to embrace the nostalgia and relish in the timeless charm of Oklahoma through the artistry of Peake Photography & Design.

Art That Speaks to Your Soul: Looking to add a touch of nostalgia to your home or office? Peake Photography & Design offers a collection of local art that will transport you back to your fondest memories. From iconic landmarks to charming streetscapes, each piece is a reminder of the experiences that shaped our lives. Let these artworks be a conversation starter, a visual journey through the chapters of your past. Embrace the soulful artistry that speaks directly to your heart and celebrates the beauty of days gone by.

Are you ready to revisit the cherished memories of Tulsa, Jenks, Broken Arrow, and Oklahoma as a whole? Peake Photography & Design invites you to indulge in the nostalgic journey of local art. Bert Peake's extraordinary talent captures the timeless beauty and magical moments that shaped our lives. So grab a cup of coffee, gather around the fireplace, and explore the collection of heartfelt photography that will transport you back to the golden days. Let's relive the past, celebrate the present, and keep those cherished memories alive with Peake Photography & Design.

Please contact Bert Peake to discuss your what you are looking for and she can customize the perfect solution for your space.
[email protected], 918-527-3713

Don't see what you are looking for on the website, please let us know, we have so much more that has not been uploaded.  We recommend that you order direct through us and not through the website so we can make sure you get exactly what you are wanting.

We also have physical locations that we can direct you to.

Boston AvenueBoston Avenue

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Peake Photography & Design & My Guys Mercantile Have Expanded Peake Photography & Design & My Guys Mercantile are proud to announce that we have expanded and have opened a new showroom at 8281 S. Harvard Ave.  This is in addition to the existing 3 showrooms and 3 gallery walls that we currently have.   We are bringing in new products daily and are there to help you find the perfect gift or decor for your home. We even have beautiful walking sticks direct from the UK. Bring a friend and have lunch at our new restaurant, Bluestone by Day. Shop, Dine, & Design.

@peakephotos @myguysgifts

Our New Showroom


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Tulsa Ornaments Make Great Tulsa Souvenirs Tulsa Ornaments make great souvenirs! My husband and I always buy an ornament when traveling to help us remember where we've been. It's so much fun to reminisce when decorating the tree each year and remember all the places that we've visited and the people we've met.  They also make great gifts for your out of town visitors. We have ornaments with several of the major Tulsa landmarks and you can pair them with my landmark art (I carry small 4x4 framed prints) that are perfect gifts to give your visitor to help them remember their visit with you in Tulsa.

Peake Photography & Design Art & Gifts is now carrying Bobbie Whaling's Tulsa Ornaments.

Since 1985, a great many Tulsans have been collecting and enjoying a unique ornament depicting various Tulsa landmarks, cultural treasures or special events. The ornaments, made of solid brass with a 24K gold wash, are three dimensional. Each Ornament since 1987 has been designed by Bobbie Whaling, local artist and retired art teacher. 

We have The Gathering Place, The Cain's, The Golden Driller, Route 66, TU, Tulsa Centennial, Tulsa Skyline

Our ornaments are behind the counter so please ask the staff at the front if you are interested in the ornaments.  They are $21.95+Tax. I can also ship them to you for an additional shipping charge of $7.95 (no tax if outside the state of Oklahoma). Contact me at 918-527-3713. You can order directly off my website at

Tulsa's Historic Route 66 OrnamentTulsa's Historic Route 66 Ornament makes a great Tulsa souvenir $21.95+tax+Shipping (no tax outside OK) contact Peake Photography & Design Art & Gifts

Tulsa Centennial Commemorative OrnamentTulsa's Centennial Commemorative Ornament makes a great Tulsa souvenir $21.95+tax+Shipping (no tax outside OK) contact Peake Photography & Design Art & Gifts

Tulsa's Gathering Place OrnamentTulsa's Gathering Place Ornament makes a great Tulsa souvenir $21.95+tax+Shipping (no tax outside OK) contact Peake Photography & Design Art & Gifts

Tulsa's Golden Driller Ornament Tulsa's Golden Driller Ornament makes a great Tulsa Souvenir $21.95+tax+Shipping (no tax outside OK) contact Peake Photography & Design Art & Gifts

Tulsa University OrnamentTulsa University Ornament makes a great Tulsa Souvenir $21.95+tax+Shipping (no tax outside OK) contact Peake Photography & Design Art & Gifts

Tulsa Skyline OrnamentTulsa Skyline Ornament makes a great Tulsa Souvenir $21.95+tax+Shipping (no tax outside OK) contact Peake Photography & Design Art & Gifts Tulsa's Historic Cain's Ballroom OrnamentTulsa's Historic Cain's Ballroom Ornament makes a great Tulsa Souvenir $21.95+tax+Shipping (no tax outside OK) contact Peake Photography & Design Art & Gifts

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Peake Photography & Design Art & Gifts and My Guy Mercantile at The Market Lucinda and Bert talk about what you can find at Peake Photography & Design Art & Gifts and My Guys Mercantile which are located in The Market at Walnut Creek at 81st and Harvard in Tulsa, OK . 8281 S. Harvard Ave. Follow us on Facebook and instagram @peakephotos and @myguysgifts for updates on new products and gift suggestions. New products are arriving daily.
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Reduce Drying Time & Save the Environment - Wool Dryer Balls Friendsheep Wool Dryer BallsWool Dryer Balls Now Available at My Guys Mercantile, Tulsa, OK

My Guys Mercantile has just received their first shipment of Friendsheep Eco Wool Dryer Balls...and they are so adorable! Just in time for the gift giving season. I recommend 3 for small loads / 6 for large loads  ---- 1 – 2 for your pup! Great for baby showers, wedding showers, Christmas, birthdays, housewarmings, open houses, … 

Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls naturally soften and fluff your laundry by gently tumbling in your dryer. Their movement helps separate your fabrics allowing the heat to better flow between them. This will reduce wrinkles, static cling, and will help you sensibly reduce drying time.

  • Naturally softens and fluffs your laundry while helping you reduce drying time by 20% to 40% depending on load size
  • Completely plastic-free, chemical free, unscented, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic, it's the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin and babies
  • Reusable 1000+ loads - this set will last you for years!
  • Reduces wrinkles and static cling
  • Makes your laundry more manageable - done with balling and twisting!
  • No more need for chemicals full dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners ever again
  • Makes you save time, energy, and money!
  • Hand made of 100%  organic and cruelty-free certified New Zealand wool to the core, no fillers or additives
  • Individually hand felted in Nepal for fair wages in ethical and environmentally friendly working conditions
  • Set of 6 extra large wool balls, comes with a user manual and a charming and useful hand printed organic storage bag 
  • Compostable product in a completely recyclable and compostable packaging
  • Makes the ideal eco-friendly gift for yourself and for anyone who wants to live a safe, sustainable, healthy, plastic-free life


  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Safe for all clothes
  • Saves time, energy and money
  • Replaces the need for dryer sheets and fabric softener!
  • Can be left in the dryer; they won’t melt.
  • Quieter and more natural than plastic dryer balls
  • Excellent for use with pure essential oils for scented laundry (remember when using essential oils put on low heat)
  • Dryer sheets and softeners have chemicals and waxes that can kill a dryer’s heating element.
  • Softeners/dryer sheets cause wax buildup on the lint catcher so hot moisture cannot escape the dryer, which could burn out the heater.

Did you know?

  • Although they make your clothes feel soft and smell “fresh,” fabric softeners and dryer sheets are some of the most toxic products around. They add toxic chemicals to your laundry and, consequently, your body. Plus, it can take YEARS for a dryer sheet to break down in landfills.
  • According to Scientific American, some of the most harmful ingredients in dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners alike include benzyl acetate (linked to pancreatic cancer), benzyl alcohol (an upper respiratory tract irritant), ethanol (linked to central nervous system disorders) and chloroform (a neurotoxin and carcinogen), among others. Since fabric softeners are designed to stay in your clothes for extended periods of time, such chemicals can seep out gradually and be inhaled or absorbed directly through the skin.

    “Greener” Laundry by the Load: Fabric Softener versus Dryer Sheets, Scientific American, December 10, 2008.

My Guys Mercantile is the brother store to Peake Photography & Design Art & Gifts -- we are located in The Market at 81st and Harvard, 8281 S. Harvard Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74137 918-527-3713 - Follow us @myguysgifts

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WHAT'S NEW: Tulsa Art/Souvenirs & Art Exhibit - DOWNTOWN LOCATIONS Tulsa Photos - Art Exhibit - Crawlin' Tulsa and beyond...Art Exhibit (all art available for purchase) at The Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, Downtown Tulsa Looking for something to do in Tulsa or Oklahoma? You might want to check out my art exhibit "Crawlin' Oklahoma and beyond..." that is at the Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott in Downtown Tulsa at 111 N Main St.  I've got many suggestions for you and you can also check out some fun Tulsa/Oklahoma photography. 

Also, if you are needing souvenirs in the downtown area, you can now pick them up downtown in the gift shop at the Indigo Hotel at 121 S. Elgin Ave. -- they also have a few pieces of artwork.  The Woody Guthrie Center carries the 11x17 Woody Guthrie mural posters (mural artist Aaron Whisner, Photographer, Bert Peake).  Don't forget we have all the souvenirs and artwork in south Tulsa at The Market at Walnut Creek at 81st & Harvard. Our new hours at The Market are Mon-Sat 10am-6pm and Sunday 1pm-5pm. We have new coasters and coffee mugs and are always getting in new souvenirs.

Here is the info about the Exhibit.

Art Exhibit was installed July 2019 - Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Downtown Tulsa, 111 North Main Street (hotel lobby)- Questions call or text me at 918-527-3713.  You will be able to place an order for the art that you saw at the exhibit a few different ways. You can also email me.

1. Cash & Carry - Purchase directly at the art exhibit or anytime if you are at the exhibit (Please call me and you can provide payment via ApplePay 918-527-3713, Venmo @Bert-Peake, Paypal [email protected] Please inform the clerk at the Hotel Desk upstairs of your transaction - listed price + tax 8.517%)

2. Order what you saw at the Exhibit on my Shopify site + tax and shipping.  Items will be added soon so you will be able to purchase in Gray, Black, or White 9x9 frames. (no tax if purchased out of state) - You can purchase my new stickers there too.

3. Order it at Crawlin and select print sizes 8x8 and larger along with your own framing. If you like the print clarity that you saw, I would recommend selecting Picture Rag, no Matting since the border is on the print, select the frame that you like (Gray 111GPH is the closest to what was at the exhibit).  If you like a bigger print, feel free to scale up!

Please contact me at [email protected] or call me at 918-527-3713 if you need anything. I do custom orders. 

Remember.... Never crawl alone!

3"x3" Vinyl Sticker - Square 

The perfect sticker for any Tulsa Jeeper who loves to explore Tulsa, Route 66, and our great state of Oklahoma. Put it on your log book, window, bumper, suitcase, ... or buy several to give to your fellow crawlers.   If you're a jeeper and want to share your Tulsa and Oklahoma photos tag them with #crawlin_Tulsa or #crawlin_Oklahoma and don't forget #travelok -- I'd love for you to tag me @crawlin_photog

Remember "Never Crawl Alone"

I also have coffee mugs and coasters (a male and female version) and working on a tshirt.  Feel free to message me if interested.Crawlin' Tulsa StickerTulsa Flag Sticker for Jeep lovers at Peake Photography & Design



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Chicken Salad Chick Loves Tulsa & Tulsa Art! Molly Robinson, Chicken Salad Chick opened her second location in the Tulsa area the first part of April. Her first location opened last year in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Everyone loves Chicken Salad Chicks Chicken Salad and all the other yummy items on their menu. Chicken Salad Chick restaurants like to show their support for their communities -- I think it is so cool how they use local art as part of their decor to give that sense of community. I feel so blessed that Molly selected my Tulsa artwork for her two popular locations. When you go to either location, check out my work.  I think they did a very tasteful job of displaying the art pieces.  There are 6 in the Broken Arrow store and 11 in the Tulsa store.  These are some of my favorite photos -- I hope you like them. 


If you ever need Tulsa art or other artwork, please let me know, I can create custom artwork to fit your space. I am located in The Market at 81st & Harvard in Tulsa where I have  artwork displayed at my retail space  and I have 2 gallery walls (1 at the front by the cashiers and 1 back by the bathrooms in the center of The Market and then my retail space on the right aisle).  If you haven't tried out Chicken Salad Chick, you need to give it a try and if you haven't been to The Market lately come on in.  Follow me on FB & Instagram @peakephotos -- I'll keep you up to date as to what is going on. Check out our loyalty program too! Text "peake" to 59925 and download the Towny app to start saving!  Chicken Salad Chick supports the local community!Bert Peake, Peake Photography & Design's artwork is beautifully displayed in the new Chicken Salad Chick, 61st & Yale, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

(Peake Photography & Design) art artwork Bert Peake best new restaurant Broken Arrow Chicken Salad Chicken Salad Chick custom Tulsa art Oklahoma Peake Photography The Market towny Towny Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa landmarks Sun, 07 Apr 2019 09:11:23 GMT
Don't Forget About Him on Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is not just for girls... Don't forget about your guys on Valentine's Day! They need a special gift too! Drop by My Guys Mercantile and pick up something unique -- you will find colorful Conscious Step Socks that give back to a charity, one handed bottle openers from Montana, Route 66 t-shirts, Veteran Made Beard Oils, Bittermilk drink mixers, Liquor-infused toothpicks, deep fried peanuts, Jack Mason watches, Tulsa Flag hats, Soberdough Brewbread, Manly artwork and home decor, cigar ashtrays, leather journals, manly Torched Candles, coasters, cards for men, catch-all trays, shoe horns, ...

Come by and check it out -- we even have items that mom might like -- especially our Boy Moms -- they'll like our Boy Mom T-shirts. We also carry the Original Savory Cracker Seasoning Mix. Men love these---perfect for parties, tailgating,,.. We just received their new YoYo's -- so convenient!

My Guys Mercantile just celebrated their 1 year anniversary Feb. 1st! Thank You Tulsa! 

We are located in The Market at 81st & Harvard -- Come see us!!!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


(Peake Photography & Design) beard oil beverages Bittermilk bottle opener boy mom tshirts for fun gifts gift gift shop gifts gifts for men Grabopener Jack Mason manly art men" mens gift shop mens gift shop tulsa mens gifts mercantile ok oklahoma Original Savory Route 66 Soberdough south Tulsa gift shop swedish dishcloth T The Market Tulsa Tulsa Flag Tulsa gift shop Tulsa gifts tulsa men Tulsa photos unique gifts valentines gift ideas for men YoYos Fri, 08 Feb 2019 18:57:17 GMT
The Place to Find Tulsa Photos If you are looking for Tulsa photos you have found the right place. Tulsa icons are my favorite things to shoot but you will also find so many other photos. If you don't find exactly what you are looking for, let me know. I may have it and just haven't uploaded it yet or I can go shoot it for you just as I did for my client this December. She was wanting a special gift for her son and together, we were able to create the perfect montage of the Sophian Park Plaza for her, just in time for Christmas. I'd love to work with you! Check out my Tulsa photos!

(Peake Photography & Design) Oklahoma Tulsa Tulsa gifts Tulsa icons Tulsa photography Tulsa photos Mon, 31 Dec 2018 02:41:06 GMT
Sip & Paint at The Market at Walnut Creek Oct. 27th, 2018
The Market at 81st & Harvard in Tulsa is hosting another Sip & Paint party on October 27th at 3pm-5pm! The class will cost $35 to be paid in cash or check inside The Market! We also have our sign up sheet inside with the picture you’ll be painting posted! Our last Sip & Paint party was super fun and we know this one will be no different! Come enjoy some wine and paint at The Market! $35 covers the cost of all your supplies as well as your beverages (wine, water, tea, or lemonade). If you have any questions, please call The Market at 918-492-3500. Sign up soon -- limited seating!
For more info visit The Market's FB Page.

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Discover Broken Arrow, Oklahoma! Have you ever taken the time to discover what's in Broken Arrow?  It's a wonderful little place (ok, it's not so little)... Take a look at my photos and you may want to venture over to our wonderful city and check it out.  Check out the new micro brewery that is housed in the old Broken Arrow Power and Ice Plant that is located off Dallas! Nice little treat! Click here to check out Broken Arrow Photos! If you are interested in purchasing a print, let me know by sending me an email at [email protected] or you can call me at 918-527-3713. Warren Theater Broken Arrow, OKWarren Theater Broken Arrow, OKBroken Arrow, Oklahoma


(Peake Photography & Design) OK Oklahoma Broken Arrow Broken Arrow images Broken Arrow OK Broken Arrow Oklahoma Broken Arrow photos Broken Arrow pictures movie theater movies Oklahoma Oklahoma photographer photographer photos theater Warren Wed, 27 Jun 2018 04:34:39 GMT
Fancy Panz Now Available in Tulsa, Oklahoma Get your Fancy Panz at Peake Photography and Design in Tulsa Oklahoma today! We are located in The Market shopping Center, 81st and Harvard at 8281 South Harvard Ave., Tulsa’s destination for gifts, home decor, Art, clothing, Etc.  We have white, red, and orange Fancy Panz.  Fancy Panz are perfect  for tailgating, potlucks, parties, Mother’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, etc. They will get your foil pans to your destination perfectly and make every table look beautiful! Fancy Panz are stackable and make it so easy to transport your meals. You will wonder how you did without these amazing pans!  Get yours today at Peake Photography & Design Art & Gifts! The Market is 2018's Tulsa's A-List Readers Choice for Best Local Gift Shop! Come in and see why!

We have OSU, OU, & Tulsa monogrammed Fancy Panz! Great for Tailgating and showing off your school spirit!

Fancy Panz 2 in 1Fancy Panz Fits two sizes of foil pans. Dress up and protect your foil pan! Come get yours at Peake Photography & Design Art & Gifts at The Market at 81st & Harvard

(Peake Photography & Design) best tulsa gift shop fancy panz fancy panz tulsa monogrammed monogrammed fancy panz mothers day gift idea tulsa tulsa a-list winner tulsa best gift shop tulsa gift ideas tulsa gift shop Thu, 19 Apr 2018 03:03:44 GMT
Broken Arrow, OK & Porter, OK Photos Added I finally added a few Broken Arrow, OK and Porter, OK photos to the website. I have had several requests for these photos and have had a few on my computer but have never uploaded them. If you have some suggestions for places that you would like for me to photography in Broken Arrow, please let me know. I'd love to shoot them for you. If you would like to order these photos, please let me know. I no longer list my pricing on my website because there are so many options that it's better that we talk about them over the phone or in person so we get you just the right piece of art for your space.

Hope you find the right Broken Arrow images and the Porter OK images that you are looking for --- maybe you are looking for the Porter Peaches or the Porter Peach Festival, or the Porter Water Towers. Let me know what you think.  Follow us on FB @peakephotos

Broken Arrow Images:

Porter, OK images:

See you around Oklahoma!

My art can be found at 

Peake Photography & Design
Located in The Market
8281 S. Harvard Ave
Tulsa, OK 74137

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Tulsa Men's Gift Shop Now Open in The Market at 81st and Harvard Tulsa's newest men's gift shop is now open! New products are arriving daily and expected to be fully operational by March 1st.  My Guys Mercantile is located in The Market at 81st and Harvard in Tulsa and is open for business. Inspired by the men in my family, I know the challenges that our families have buying fun and unique gifts for our guys. My goal is to have a one-stop shop for men and women to find such gifts. Many of our gifts will be eco-friendly, give back to other organizations, veteran owned/operated, ... We have been thought and conscious driven when selecting our products for our shop. We love our partners and we hope you will to. If you haven't been to The Market lately, things are quickly changing... we have a new restaurant as of Jan. 2018 - The Nook Bistro, we have a lounge for those who need to take a break from the shopping along with a hydration station, periodic workshops/events (check the schedule on FB). See you at My Guys Mercantile soon! Keep up-to-date on new product arrivals, tips, & events by following us on FB at

Some of the products that we are carrying...
Bittermilk Fried Peanuts
Savory Saltine Seasoning
Conscious Step Socks
Bedlam Beard Oil, Balm, Mustache, Beardwash
Mythic Press T-Shirts
Engraved Collegiate Pint Glasses
Engraved City Map Pint, Wine, Rocks Glasses
Torched Candles
Beer Cap Maps
Manly Framed Prints
Manly Pillows
Manly Home Interior Items
Grooming Bags
Miscellaneous Gifts
Original Savory Snack Mix

(Peake Photography & Design) beard balm beard oil bittermilk fathers day fathers day gifts fried peanuts gift gifts men mens men's mens gift shop mens gifts men's gifts mens shop mens store mustache wax my guys mercantile original savory route 66 rt 66 savory savory snack mix shop sober dough soberdough tee tees tshirt t-shirt tulsa tulsa mens shop tulsa men's shop tulsa tshirts Sun, 11 Feb 2018 03:23:11 GMT
South Tulsa‚Äôs Spot for Tulsa Souvenirs!  Peake Photography and Design at The Market at 81st and Harvard is the best place in south Tulsa to find your Tulsa souvenirs, art, and gifts. We also carry many gift items for men and women as well as snack mixes, dips, soups, from The Resident Chef. Open 10-6 Monday-Saturday and 1-6 on Sunday. We have a new restaurant called The Nook Bistro and it is delicious! Come see us and pick up a Swedish Dishcloth... I have over 300 to pick from! See you soon!

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Peake Photography & Design Now Carrying The Resident Chef Products Peake Photography & Design has been carrying The Resident Chef product since November 2017.  The product line has been popular over the holidays and continues to sell even after the holidays. Easy and quick meals and delicious snacks and dips. We carry the following products:

TRC Salted Caramel Snackers Mix
TRC Spicy Snackers Mix
TRC Pineapple Pecan Chicken Salad Mix
TRC Chicken Noodle Soup
TRC Beefy Noodle Stroganoff
TRC Chicken Tortilla Soup
TRC White Chocolate & Cranberry Dip/Spread
TRC Cheesy Enchilada Hot Dip
TRC Feisty Fiesta Dip
TRC Spinach Parmesan Dip
TRC Pa's Onion Dip
TRC Zesty Guacamole Dip
TRC Sun-dried Tomato Bacon Horseradish Dip

Feel free to call me to make sure that we have them in stock. 918-527-3713 - At The Market at 81st and Harvard

(Peake Photography & Design) feisty fiesta dip resident chef spicy pretzels tulsa salted caramel Salted Caramel pretzels salted caramel pretzels tulsa snackers spicy snackers the resident chef trc TRC Salted Caramel Pretzels tulsa where can I find salted caramel pretzels in tulsa where can i find spicy pretzels in tulsa white chocolate & cranberry dip Thu, 11 Jan 2018 03:14:56 GMT
NEW! Tulsa Driller Swedish Dishcloth Want to try the greatest thing since sliced bread...the Swedish Dishcloth!


What is a Swedish Dishcloth?  

BEST CLEANING CLOTH EVER: These are amazing cleaning cloths... I use them for everything. They clean up spills so quickly, clean up my dogs feet when they get into a mess, clean my countertops, stainless steel surfaces (microwave, oven, refrigerator, grill), granite, mirrors, glass, refrigerator, shower, baseboards, dusting, detailing, great on the boat, gets pet hair off clothes & furniture, etc (all without streaking or having to use paper towels) -- there's no lint at all. They are so soft -- great to clean up babies/children's faces... you'll want one in every room.  THEY ARE ALSO HIGHLY ABSORBENT!!! They absorb 20 times their weight.

HOW TO CLEAN/SANITIZE:  To clean, I just toss them into the top of my dishwasher or washing machine (I wouldn't put them in the dryer or they will look a little wonky). They don't have time to gather bacteria because they are made of organic tree fiber & cotton so they don't have that sour smell like a nasty sponge or dish cloth. If you want to sanitize it, just pop it into the dishwasher or a pot of boiling water. You can even put it in the microwave for 2 minutes (make sure it is wet first and know that it will be hot when it is done).
Stains:  If they stain, you can brighten them with bleach - just squirt a bleach spray on both sides of the cloth and let them sit in the sink for 5 minutes and rinse (Since they are made of organic tree fiber & cotton don't let them sit with bleach any longer than 5 minutes or they will disintegrate). 

ECO-FRIENDLY--- LONG LASTING & SAVES MONEY!!! They will wash up to 200 hundred times and last 6-12 months.  They make the greatest gifts for friends -- people have not seen them and they will love you for them. It's unique and you can find a design that suits them. They are light so they are inexpensive to send through the mail for a quick pick-me-up. They cost less than 3 rolls of paper towels and they replace 15-17 rolls.  Every day you will find a new use for this wonderful little cloth.  

THE PERFECT STOCKING STUFFER!  Pick one up for yourself and a friend. Every time they use it, they will think of you.  The most practical gift - the gift that keeps on giving.  

Not in the Tulsa area? We can ship one or twelve to you. Just let us know what you would like...we have over 650 designs. Yes, like I said, "WE HAVE THE LARGEST SELECTION IN THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA!"


Farm Hippie, 117 W. Main St, Collinsville, OK or in the Tulsa area:

Red's Mercantile, 102 S. 1st St., Jenks, OK
JADE Treasures, 711 W. Washington, 91st & Elm, Broken Arrow, OK Booth 303
The Sky Gallery, 1401 E. 11th, Tulsa, OK (Oklahoma Designs only)

Tulsa Driller Swedish Dish ClothNew Tulsa Driller Swedish Dish Cloth


(Peake Photography & Design) dishcloth driller gift golden driller OK oklahoma swedish swedish dish cloth swedish dish towel swedish dishcloth tulsa tulsa gift tulsa golden driller Fri, 01 Jul 2016 19:53:26 GMT
Tulsa Golden Driller Turns 50! Tulsa's iconic Golden Driller turns 50 in 2016! Birthday Bash is in Tulsa, Oklahoma Saturday, April 9th, 2016. The Golden Driller is a Tulsa renowned landmark located at the Tulsa County fairgrounds on 21st Street between Harvard and Yale Avenues. John Stephens was the model for the 1966 Golden Driller when he was project supervisor of its construction. 

To commemorate this event you can purchase artwork of The Golden Driller at my retail space at The Market at Walnut Creek at 81st and Harvard in Tulsa, OK or online on my website at or I have a more elaborate selection of items on my other website at

The Golden Driller makes a great present for the guys!  I have luggage identifiers (driller on the front, "take me back to Tulsa" on the back), drink coasters, coffee mugs, Oklahoma mouse pads, numerous framed art (large and small), playing cards, blank greeting cards.  On the website, there are pillows, shower curtains, t-shirts, phone covers, tote bags, bedding, ... Custom Orders also available. Tulsa Golden Driller ProductsJust a few of the Tulsa Golden Driller pieces available for sale at The Market at Walnut Creek in Tulsa, OK at 81st and Harvard


Bert Peake
Peake Photography & Design
[email protected]

(Peake Photography & Design) Golden Driller Golden Driller 50th Birthday Oklahoma Peake Photography Peake Photography & Design Tulsa Golden Driller driller golden happy birthday ok oklahoma peake photography tulsa Mon, 04 Apr 2016 16:48:28 GMT
2014 Calendar Available at The Market and on Etsy My 2014 Oklahoma Scenic Calendar is now available at The Market at 82nd and Harvard in Tulsa or you can purchase it on Etsy....





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OPENING IS TOMORROW!!! The Market at Walnut Creek Peake Photography and Design and Hootin' Annie's is open for business on Friday, February 1st! Here's the new digs! Come in and be our first sale! Not only do I have my artwork for sale but I will be selling t-shirts from "Dog is Good".  T-shirts for dog lovers and horse lovers! 15% of the the sales from the Victoria Stilwell line go to the Victoria Stilwell foundation (a very good cause). I will also have t-shirts for those of you who are photography lovers... some t-shirts that I designed with the "I'm gonna SNAP!" slogan on them.  

Annie will be painting and selling furniture and accessories so come in often and take a look at what we have to offer; we'll be changing it out often.

Hope to see you at THE MARKET at WALNUT CREEK at 8281 S. Harvard, Tulsa, OK, Mon-Sat 10am-6pm and Sun 1pm-6pm

(Peake Photography & Design) Fri, 01 Feb 2013 04:25:50 GMT
Location Opening February 1st, 2013! Come check out my artwork starting February 1st at The Market at Walnut Creek at 8281 South Harvard, Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am setting up shop and will have a variety of artwork for sale for home or office or a gift for that special someone. Hope to see you at The Market!

Here's the space as it is now... so it's up to us to put our crazy twist on it and make it US!

(Peake Photography & Design) Wed, 16 Jan 2013 05:11:51 GMT
Residential Art - 30x45 Metallic Print on Gator Board Looking for a unique piece of artwork for your home or office. Here is recent work that I just completed for a client...30x45 metallic print mounted on gator board with a mount block. This is just one of the waterfalls that I shot on my recent trip to Ecuador. Check out my website for other scenic shots... I'd be happy to meet with you to come up with a design that is just right for you.

(Peake Photography & Design) Ecuador gatorboard metallic nature waterfall Wed, 09 Jan 2013 22:07:56 GMT
Finished My Ecuador Book! Finally finished my book documenting my Ecuador Photo Excursion! Feel free to take a look to see how much fun we had.

Doug Henderson does amazing trips --- check out his website to see what he might have planned next...

Click here to view this photo book larger

Visit to create your own personalized photobook.


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Back from Ecuador I am back from Ecuador and my photos are now available for purchase. Give me a call (918.527.3713) and I would love to come by your home or office and give you suggestions for the appropriate format and design for your environment. If you would like to see a slideshow of all of my images from my trip feel free... or you can go directly to my gallery  --- I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!


(Peake Photography & Design) Sun, 18 Nov 2012 21:15:28 GMT
Article in Tulsa Scene: Grandparents Day at Linnaeus Teaching Garden I am "the photographer" that is mentioned in the article in the Tulsa World article in the Scene today that will be taking free pictures on Saturday at the Linnaeus Teaching Garden Celebration. Hope to see you there...

(Peake Photography & Design) Fri, 07 Sep 2012 16:08:47 GMT
Route 66 Tile Art at Silent Auction - McDazzle August 25th You might want to check out this year's McDazzle Auction on August 25th. I have submitted my Route 66 Tile Art for the Silent Auction part of the event. Really unique form of art. It would look great on a bookshelf or laying on a coffee table or end table as a conversation piece and could even be used as a coaster for those Route 66 enthusiasts. Each tile measures 4.25" and displays a beautiful photograph from Oklahoma's own Route 66. Come have a fun evening with us and come drive the bid up on my piece of art!!! Should be a fun evening!!!

(Peake Photography & Design) Tue, 14 Aug 2012 18:22:17 GMT
Mark Your Calendars! Grandparents Day at Linnaeus Teaching Gardens - FREE PHOTOS  
SEPTEMBER 8TH, 2012 - 9AM-11AM
Free Photos for Grandparents & Grandchildren
I will be at the Linnaeus Teaching Garden Annual Grandparents Day
The Linnaeus Teaching Garden is located at
2435 S. Peoria Avenue
Tulsa, OK
(Peake Photography & Design) Thu, 02 Aug 2012 19:09:55 GMT
Need Software to Manage Your Business? FREE!!! Wanted to share this with you...I searched and searched to find software to run my new business and couldn't find anything that didn't cost a fortune. This software is absolutely free! It is what I use and it works great.  Take a look and check it out.  They do have optional add-ons that do cost but they are not necessary.  Click on the link below and take a test drive... I think you will like it... I did...

StudioCloud - Free Business Management Software

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Now Offering Customized iPad Protective Covers You can now have your own personalized iPad protective cover. I can use one of your digital photos that you have taken or any of the photos that I have taken that you would like to use. Check out the photos on my website! I have several cool photos that would look great on your own iPad cover. I can add text as well (even put your name, address, and phone number on it).  Give me a call at 918-527-3713 and let me know how I can personalize an iPad cover for you. 

Protect your iPad with this classy faux leather and suede folio. Protects your screen when closed, and is ready to use it folds into 3 stand positions. Fully opens for unrestricted use of iPad and has easy access to all controls and connections. Perfect fit for all iPad models.


  • Come is BLACK or RED
  • Case measures: 8"W x 10"H x 1"thick
  • Image area measures: 6.75" x 10"
  • Opens fully or folds into three stand positions


(Peake Photography & Design) customized iPad cover iPad iPad Cover iPad Folio iPad case Wed, 01 Aug 2012 18:02:36 GMT
Thank You Cards for Your College Student It's not too late to customize thank you cards for your college student to take with him or her!  Take a look and let me know if you would like me to do something similar for your kiddo...


3x5 Folded Card
View the entire collection of cards.


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First Article in Tulsa World First promotional success! Prom picture taken by Peake Photography and Design published in the Tulsa World today (April 24, 2012) in the Scene section (front page)! Click on this link: Tulsa World Article  --- Click on the picture to see which picture was posted (it's the second one). Thanks to Kim Brown!!!

(Peake Photography & Design) Wed, 25 Apr 2012 04:27:41 GMT
It's not too late for Graduation Announcements If you didn't have a chance to order the school graduation announcements, it's not too late!  All I need is a digital photo of your Senior and the graduation commencement details and I can create an announcement personalized for your Senior.  Give me a call! You still have time! 918-527-3713.

(Peake Photography & Design) Sat, 14 Apr 2012 03:56:59 GMT
Owasso Egg Drop Photo Site The photos taken at the Egg Drop in Owasso on Saturday, April 7th will be on the following website and available for purchase.

(Peake Photography & Design) Sat, 07 Apr 2012 03:45:35 GMT
Life Point Baptist Church Egg Drop - Saturday, May 7, 2012 Marie Treat and I will be taking photos at the Life Point Baptist Church in Owasso, OK on Saturday, May 7th, 2012. Come out and join the fun! The link below has all the information that you will need to attend the event such as directions, the schedule, and parking information. There will be two egg drops so you can come in the morning or afternoon. Hope to see you there!  Come and find us (and the eggs too)!

(Peake Photography & Design) Fri, 06 Apr 2012 17:45:46 GMT
Kelly Camera Bags Easter Special

Happy Easter! Today through midnight on Easter, use discount code, "happyeaster" for $20 off your order(NOT applicable towards orders already placed). Click here now >>


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Peake Photography & Design Now Offering Kelly Moore Stylish Camera Bags for Women and Men If you are looking for a more stylish camera bag to carry your camera equipment, I am now offering Kelly Moore Camera Bags. I really think you like them. Check Kelly's site out. Click on my link to Kelly Moore Camera Bags for a refreshing change. Now you can shoot in style!


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Scenic Art Sold at Riverfield Auction All, I am so excited that I sold my first scenic art collages at the Riverfield Auction this weekend (March 3rd/4th, 2012).  One was a train collage that I sold at the Silent Auction and the other was a Route 66 Collage that was sold on the Online Auction.  My art is now out in the community so be looking for it. I can make a collage for you with any of my pictures so just let me know if I can put something together for you. I am willing to do the layout if you tell me what size you would like for your collage.

This is what I had at the auction. I can customize a priceless piece of art for your home or office.



Oklahoma Route 66 Photo Collage Infused on Aluminum

Display a slice of Oklahoma in your own home. The beautiful, scenic Route 66 photos, taken by Riverfield Parent and Photographer, Roberta "Bert" Peake, are infused on aluminum (patent pending) and are easy to hang. Total size of collage is 1.5'x1.5' (one 11x17, three 5x5). MetalPrints are infused on Aluminum for an incredibly vibrant print with exceptional detail.

Pictures are Arcadia's Red Round Barn, Foyil's Ed Galloway's Totem Pole Park, Miami's Route 66 Vintage Iron, and Route 66 Hwy.

Supported by a grid of push-in pegs, CollageWall pictures hang aligned and stay level. Installation is fast and fool-proof with the included template. And you can add, remove and rearrange pictures in seconds. These displays use individual images on each panel and can be hung separately.









Oklahoma Train Photo Collage Infused on Aluminum

Perfect for the train enthusiast… A beautiful arrangement of train and train track photos, taken by Riverfield Parent and Photographer, Roberta "Bert" Peake, are infused on aluminum (patent pending) and are easy to hang.  Total size of collage is 1.5'x1.5'.

MetalPrints are infused on Aluminum for an incredibly vibrant print with exceptional detail. Supported by a grid of push-in pegs, CollageWall® pictures hang aligned and stay level. Installation is fast and fool-proof with the included template. And you can add, remove and rearrange pictures in seconds. These displays use individual images on each panel and can be hung separately.  

(Peake Photography & Design) Collage Oklahoma Route 66 Route 66 Collage Mon, 05 Mar 2012 23:05:38 GMT